Did you like the ending to “Breaking Bad”? Or is there some other way you would have wanted the dark AMC crime drama to end its run? If the second option is true, you might prefer this alternate ending in which star Bryan Cranston returns to his “Malcolm in the Middle” days, via the famous “Newhart” ending.

In the video (from the upcoming “Breaking Bad” DVD box set), Cranston’s Walter White gets one of the many “Breaking Bad” lowlifes to say his name (the Heisenberg one, that is). But then the brightly lit earthtones of New Mexico fade … Cranston wakes up in bed.

He has hair. And he is not alone — “Malcolm in the Middle” wife Jane Kaczmarek is there to kindly mock her husband’s foolishness and remind him it’s all a dream.

Or is it — Heisenberg’s signature black hat sits on a chair nearby.

“The only thing that made sense that made sense in the whole dream was I still walked around in my underwear.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the famous ending of “Newhart,” it features Bob Newhart waking up in bed and being reassured it was all a bad dream by his wife — played by Suzanne Pleshette, Newhart’s co-star from the earlier “Bob Newhart Show.”

Watch it below (skip ahead to the just past the 7-minute mark to see the “it was all a dream” bit):

Posted by:Laurel Brown