anna gunn breaking bad season 5b 'Breaking Bad': Anna Gunn on Skyler's 'strange feeling of hope'“Breaking Bad” is probably not going to end on an especially high note for the White family. But when the show begins its final eight episodes on Sunday (Aug. 11), Walt (Bryan Cranston), Skyler (Anna Gunn), Walt Jr. (RJ Mitte) and toddler Holly actually seem to be in a pretty good place.

Or so they think, anyway. Gunn tells Zap2it that despite Skyler having felt “like a prisoner in a lot of ways” during the previous couple of years as she became part of Walt’s drug empire, the character really wants to believe better days are ahead.

“I think she has this strange feeling of hope, in a bizarre way, as she goes into this final eight. He’s said he’s out of it, and I think she really wants to believe it,” Gunn says. “And I think she really wants to believe that maybe there’s a chance that possibly they can get out of this insane situation and make it all OK.”

The key words there may be “wants to,” Gunn adds: “But I think there’s a little part of her — the really, really smart part — that knows that’s probably not happening.”

Skyler has obviously become complicit in Walt’s criminal life over the past couple of seasons, agreeing to help him launder his drug money in exchange for a promise that he’ll get out of the business. In Sunday’s premiere, the couple maintains the facade of happily successful car-wash owners, but you’ll see a Skyler who is clearly still on edge.

“I think she’s full of terror, and full of rage and deep pain and disappointment,” Gunn says “Because as opposed to Walt continuing to justify his actions, I think Skyler’s pretty aware that the things she’s done are really not good. They’re really not good.”

“Breaking Bad” premieres at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on AMC.

Posted by:Rick Porter