bryan cranston breaking bad 5b premiere gi 'Breaking Bad': Bryan Cranston offers cryptic hints about the ending at premiereGet ready for a major spoiler about the ending of “Breaking Bad” from series star Bryan Cranston.

Here goes.

“I thought the final episode where Jesse Pinkman [Aaron Paul] gets a sex-change operation was poignant, important to the show. It seems to come out of left field, but not really,” Cranston told Zap2it Wednesday (July 24) on the black (not red) carpet for the show’s Season 5b premiere.

So, OK, that’s probably not what happens. Cranston does say, though, that the way the series ends is “very appropriate.”

“It really is. You watch this — there’s no apologies,” he says. “[Creator] Vince [Gilligan] was able to write to the ending that he wanted, and we’re very pleased with that.”

Just what “appropriate” means in the context of “Breaking Bad” is wide open to interpretation. Cranston isn’t alone in offering up that assessment of the series finale, though.

“It is an amazing ending. It is an amazing, amazing play-out,” says RJ Mitte, who plays Walt Jr. “… I really want people to see it and have the same reaction that I had.”

Which was?

“It was an inevitable action that had to come.”

Gilligan — who, incidentally, says he spilled a glass of champagne on himself as the cast rode up to the carpet in a replica of Walt’s mobile meth lab — just hopes he and his writers didn’t “screw things up.”

“That really haunted me for over a year straight, because for over a year we’ve been breaking these final eight episodes,” Gilligan says. “We were lucky to have that amount of lead time. … Having said that, we knew it was ours to screw up with that much lead time. If we didn’t get it right it was nobody’s fault but ours. So the big thought that kept going through my mind was let’s make this as good as we can make it. Let’s just bust our asses and make it as satisfying as possible.”

“Breaking Bad” premieres at 9 p.m. ET Aug. 11 on AMC.

Posted by:Rick Porter