bryan cranston breaking bad 320 'Breaking Bad': Bryan Cranston spills on season three's big shockerIt’s been nearly 10 months since the chilling second season finale of “Breaking Bad,” but the wait for new episodes is nearly over. 

PaleyFest honored the series Wednesday night (Mar. 10) and gave fans an early look at the upcoming premiere.

KTV scored some one-on-one time with leading man Bryan Cranston (Walt) who talked about the series-changing twist in the season opener — which he also directed! — so if spoilers aren’t your thing, you might want to look elsewhere.

Now that Walt is in remission and his wife has left him, he’s going through some serious changes. But what exactly is in store for everyone’s favorite drug maker?

“I think the whole idea behind Walt’s quest is to keep [his meth manufacturing] private,” Cranston says in the clip below. “If he was ever found out, if his wife or family ever found out, that’s the end of the game. He’s done. He’ll spend the rest of his life in prison and all is lost.”

But Cranston then goes on to reveal that, in the premiere, someone does in fact discover what he’s up to.

Who is it? What happens? 

Watch the video…

Kind of huge, right? 

Are you excited to see how it plays out?

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Photo credit: AMC

Posted by:Marisa Roffman