charles baker skinny pete breaking bad 'Breaking Bad': Charles 'Skinny Pete' Baker says the show 'changed my career'When Charles Baker first auditioned for “Breaking Bad,” his character didn’t even have a name.

There was just a description — “Skinny Stoner,” one of the guys who hangs out with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and enables his less-than-model-citizen behavior.

“There were supposed to be three of us originally — Skinny Stoner, Chubby Stoner and Tattooed Stoner,” Baker tells Zap2it about his audition. “That was the first read I had, and when I came back to read again, they had narrowed it down to Skinny Tattooed Stoner and Chubby Stoner [the part that eventually became Badger, played by Matt Jones]. So all the tattooed stoner lines got mixed between the [other two characters], and then the next thing I knew it was just Skinny Stoner, and then Skinny Pete.”

Baker has appeared in about a quarter of “Breaking Bad’s” episodes to date and has at least one more appearance on tap, in Sunday’s (Aug. 11) return. Becoming part of the fabric of the series has “changed my career in a lot of ways,” he says.

“It got me [seen as] a little more legit, it gave me a little more gravitas in the business,” he says. “It really kind of made me grow up a lot faster.”

Like the rest of the “Breaking Bad” cast, Baker is loath to say much about the final eight episodes, though he does allow that in Sunday’s episode, at least, Skinny Pete and Badger “do our normal thing” with Jesse.

He stopped by the set toward the end of filming, he says, and says everyone he saw was “thrilled” to be finishing the show the way creator Vince Gilligan wanted to finish.

“There’s a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that we went out still on top. We didn’t just kind of fizzle out,” Baker says. “That was the genius of Vince, knowing he shouldn’t try and keep dragging it out as long as he could. … There was a lot of satisfaction in knowing we did it right.”

“Breaking Bad” premieres at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on AMC.

Posted by:Rick Porter