breaking bad fan arrested drug dealing amc 'Breaking Bad' contest winner arrested for drug dealing

When it comes to “Breaking Bad,” sometimes life imitates art. A fan of the show has been arrested as the leader of a drug operation.

In September, Ryan Lee Carroll won an online contest to watch the “Breaking Bad” finale with the stars of the show. “It’s such a good show,” Carroll told his local Florida NBC station at the time. “I think its addicting because people can relate to the main character.”

As it turns out, Carroll could easily relate to Walter White.

Police in San Carlos Park, Fla. raided Carroll’s house on New Year’s Eve and found more than $1 million of synthetic marijuana. In addition to this, the drugs were reportedly packaged and shipped from the home to locations as far as Mexico. Carroll, it seems, was the ringleader of all of this.

Carroll remains in custody, while two other men arrested in the drug raid were released on bail.

The important thing to remember about this? Don’t try to be like Walter White. As “Breaking Bad” itself showed, that doesn’t end well.

Posted by:Laurel Brown