“Jimmy Kimmel Live” has an on-going segment called “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” and it’s always both hilarious and cringe-worthy — we cannot believe some of the stuff people write on Twitter.

The fifth installment included these high (low?) lights:

  • “Your face is so stupid I hate you @johnkrasinski.”
  • “@chrisodonnell has a potato face. He does. #potatoface.”
  • “I remember when the words ‘@sharonstone is on television’ brought me joy, instead of, ‘I hate that b****.”
  • “@Nick_Offerman’s hands seem crazy small compared to his head.”
  • “If I had to choose between f***ing a pie or @JasonBiggs I’d choose the pie. That dude has a dirty d***.”
  • “What in the f*** is up with Amy Poehler’s face? B**** looks like she survived a nuclear blast.”
  • “Great acting Dennis Quaid, you old irrelevant pig.”
  • “Aaron Paul has a small d***.”
  • “Really, Mark Ruffalo? That’s the face you’re going with? God this movie’s gonna suck.”
  • “Hank from Breaking Bad is just a fat Bruce Willis.”
  • “Look at me I’m Julia Louis-Dreyfus I was on Seinfeld the show about white people in New York eating pickles and s*** man. F*** you b****.”
  • “Larry David! Shut the f*** up!”

But the best has to be the one directed at Kevin Bacon, which is some bat-crap crazy level vitriol, including an asterisked out term where we aren’t sure what it stands for:

“@kevinbacon Oi gayboy I’m fed up of see your f*** ugly face on my TV, you c***biscuit. Oh, you’re not the centre of the universe. W*** stain.”


Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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