breaking bad end poster 'Breaking Bad': Poster, teaser for final episodes don't say much   or do they?AMC has released a bit of teaser material for the final episodes of “Breaking Bad,” and on one level the poster and short video promo don’t say anything we didn’t already know.

The tagline is “All bad things must come to an end.” It’s a play, obviously, on the old saying “All good things must come to an end,” incorporating the show’s title and the fact that there are but eight episodes remaining. (The series returns Aug. 11.)

But is that all it is? Does the otherwise nondescript poster, using the show’s familiar curling smoke and green background, telegraph anything about the fate of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) or the other characters on the show? Or is sometimes a tagline just a tagline?

Scrutinize the poster, watch the teaser — which is pretty much the poster, with voiceover and moving smoke — and let us know what you think: What do you foresee for the final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad”?

Posted by:Rick Porter