breaking bad ep11 video 'Breaking Bad' preview: Another thorn in Skyler's side“Breaking Bad” has often dealt with the idea of unintended consequences — you could argue that the whole of Season 2, culminating in the plane crash, was an exploration of that notion.

It would appear that Skyler (Anna Gunn) is now faced with another unforeseen complication in the form of Ted Beneke (Christopher Cousins), who reappeared last week to make a hash of much of what she’s trying to do with Walt’s drug money.

In the preview clip below from Sunday’s (Sept. 25) episode, “Crawl Space,” Skyler and the baby arrive at home to find a message from Ted — who’s decided not to go through with the deal she tried to work out with him. Which, of course, could further imperil the White family drug-and-money-laundering operation. No good deed — or self-serving deed, anyway — goes unpunished.

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Posted by:Rick Porter