UPDATE: As you can see, the clip has been pulled. But trust us — it’s pretty funny.

As well-oiled a machine as “Breaking Bad’s” final season was, the show still had its problems. Sticky doors, for instance.

The cast’s ongoing problems with getting doors to open and close is a recurring theme in this Season 5 gag reel. At least three scenes — including several takes of the tense confrontation between Hank (Dean Norris) and Walt (Bryan Cranston) in Hank’s garage — are blown by doors failing to open or close as they should.

You’ll also get the usual array of flubbed lines, botched bits of physicality and, considering the comic chops of Cranston, Aaron Paul and the rest of the cast, there’s a fair amount of hamming it up too. And be prepared to see a side of Cranston you’ve never seen — literally, in a mildly NSFW sort of way — just before the end of the clip.

The gag reel is part of the “Breaking Bad” complete series Blu-ray/DVD set, which goes on sale Nov. 26.

Posted by:Rick Porter