breaking-bad-508-ratings.JPGThe makers of “Breaking Bad” are keeping quiet about the specifics of the show’s final episode, but creator Vince Gilligan drops a tantalizing hint about the series’ end in a new interview.

Speaking with Empire magazine, Gilligan — who has previously discussed the painstaking process of writing the final episodes — references “M*A*S*H” as a show that got its ending right.

“When you think about it, ‘M*A*S*H’ structurally has the perfect ending and the obvious ending, in fact, built into the show right from the very first episode,” Gilligan says “… And sometimes the most satisfying ending is the most obvious ending. I think ‘M*A*S*H’ realized that and pulled it off very nicely.”

Does that, then, mean that the ending of “Breaking Bad” has been built into the show all along? It’s hard not to think about Walt’s (Bryan Cranston) cancer providing the “obvious ending” in this case.

Gilligan also talks with Empire about the possible spinoff series centered on Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) and still seems excited by the idea — even if it doesn’t quite live up to its parent show.

“We’ll move heaven and earth to make it every bit as high quality as ‘Breaking Bad,’ but then there’s the intangible question of whether it’ll affect people, whether it’ll move people as much as the mothership show did, and there’s no real answer to that. In fact, the safest answer to that is, ‘Probably not to the same level,'” Gilligan tells the magazine.

“Then you ask yourself, ‘Does that mean it’s not worth doing?’ I think it is indeed worth doing, and the way to approach it is by knowing that it’s not going to be the same thing. It’s not to be completely of a piece with the original show, but if it’s a challenge, and it’s interesting to us to do it, that’s reason enough.”

“Breaking Bad” returns to AMC on Aug. 11. What do you think the perfect ending for the show would be?

Posted by:Rick Porter