taylor-lautner-kristen-stewart-breaking-dawn-2-twist-rated-r-pg-13-.jpgThe final cinematic chapter in Edward and Bella’s story, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” almost got an R rating from the MPAA ratings board. But it wasn’t because of too much sparkly vampire sex.

(WARNING: “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” spoilers ahead!)

Director Bill Condon tells MTV News that it was actually the film’s big “twist” scene, which deviates from Stephenie Meyer’s book. In Meyer’s final tome in the series, the Cullens, wolves and their other vampy friends prepare for a battle with the Volturi that never actually happens. However, in the final film, viewers get an all-out battle royale with plenty of shocking deaths no one saw coming (well, except for Alice Cullen, who sees everything).

“It was a close call [with the rating], because they did say it was very, very intense,” Condon says. “I wrote a letter [to the MPAA ratings board] and said that this is the only way we could do it, and they were cool [with it].”

He adds, “They said to pull back a little on the sound, the crunchy [head-smashing/decapitating] sound, and we did, and that got us our [PG-13] rating. There was one [effect] where we rip a head and you kind of see it come apart [that] I was sure we would have more trouble with, but we didn’t.”

Do you think the PG-13 rating is appropriate?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper