jackson rathbone ashley greene jasper alice breaking dawn 2 summit 'Breaking Dawn   Part 2': Jackson Rathbone reveals his favorite 'Twilight' movie and what scene he wishes made the cutJackson Rathbone has been playing vampire Jasper Hale in “The Twilight Saga” since 2008, but if you ask him which of the films is his favorite, you might be surprised to learn it’s the one where he still has a pulse.

‘Eclipse’ holds a special place in my heart because I got to be human again as Jasper,” Rathbone tells Zap2it.

Rathbone dons the amber-colored contacts and slips into Jasper’s Texas-born drawl one last time in “Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” which opens in theaters Nov. 16. And despite the fact that Jasper and the rest of his adopted family have been vampires for some time (newborn vamp Bella excluded), moviegoers may notice a new sense of maturity and subtlety among the Cullen clan.

“They constantly grow and learn even though they’re vampires,” Rathbone says. “They’re not going to look different, but they’re constantly changing emotionally. … Here in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2,’ … we kind of see [Jasper] a lot more at ease.”

OK, so we finally get to see the usually tortured Jasper mellow out a bit, but one thing fans of the books never got to see translated to the film adaptations was the meeting between Jasper and his mate, Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene).

“I think the scene that I missed most that I wish we could have had time to do would be in ‘Eclipse’ … I really wanted to show where Jasper and Alice meet,” Rathbone says. “I think that would have been a beautiful moment.”

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