breaking-pointe-beckanne-sisk-the-cw-ballet“Breaking Pointe” premieres on The CW on May 31 and Zap2it has an exclusive clip from the first episode. This reality show based around the Ballet West dance company in Seattle shows the uncensored lives of dancers. Ballet is no easy profession. It may look lovely, light and airy, but these people are athletes as well as artist and it’s a struggle to get to and stay at the top.

In the clip, we see the nineteen-year-old Beckanne who is a bit of a phenom. She’s doing roles that women far older are dying for and she’s working her way up in the ranks. This isn’t sitting well with some of the other ballerinas who resent her youth and her talent.

Check out the scene and let us know what you think. Heck, watch it for the unbelievable beauty of Beckanne’s movements. You’ll never look at ballet the same way again after you see the show.

Posted by:jbusch