brett michaels 4 Bret Michaels hemorrhage brought on by 'Busty Cops 3'?There was a fantastic episode (among many) of the British TV series “Coupling” where the idea of a “porn buddy” was explored. No, not someone you watch — or make — porn with, but that one friend who knows where your porn is stashed and will dispose of it before your other loved ones can stumble across it should something happen to you.

We know Bret Michaels‘ ex-girlfriend (and the mother of his two daughters) Kristi Gibson is who he asked to take him to the hospital when he suffered a brain hemorrhage last month, but now we want to know who his porn buddy is.

]]>comes clean with Rolling Stone about what he was doing when the hemorrhage happened. Turns out he was watching TV, channel-surfing between “SportsCenter” and “Busty Cops 3.” “Maybe that’s what did it!” he says. And really what else would the musician/“Celebrity Apprentice” finalist be watching on a Thursday night? He hardly strikes us as a “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Vampire Diaries” fan. Since his brush with death, the 47-year-old says that another pop culture institution, Don McLean’s “American Pie” has new meaning for him as well. “When I heard lines like, ‘This’ll be the day that I die’ … I get chills just thinking about,” Bret tells RS. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news Photo credit: Getty Images

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