brett michaels medical emergency gi Bret Michaels suffers medical emergency mid performance

Bret Michaels suffered a medical emergency during a concert on May 29 in Manchester, NH and had to stop mid-performance and be rushed off stage to receive treatment.

The “Rock of Love” and “Celebrity Apprentice” star has been suffering from type 1 diabetes since he was a child. His guitarist Pete Evick writes that Michaels is a “health fanatic” who “fiercely monitors his blood sugar,” but that during the show he learned Michaels’ blood sugar was “extremely low.”

“He basically had to be dragged off the stage in his sickest of conditions,” Evick writes. “When I rushed to the bus he could barley speak, but begged me to apologize to the fans and seemed only concerned for them.”
After being taken off stage, Michaels was evaluated by paramedics. Later in the evening, “Team Bret” took to Facebook to offer another update.

“Sending a huge shout out to all the paramedics both on and off duty who have assisted Bret tonight. No words can thank you enough for your help,” the post reads.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz