bret michaels american idol finale 2 Bret Michaels on 'American Idol' finale: 'I needed this for my soul'Bret Michaels came backstage upbeat and full of life after his “American Idol” finale surprise performance. He tells the press about his “Idol” experience, what he’s planning going forward and about his new outlook on life.

“I just wanna say, I needed to be here and do this. It’s been two months since I played, it’s bene a month and a half in the hospital and it was just such an amazing feeling to come out there tonight and jam with Casey. Casey’s such a great guitar player,” Bret gushes.

“I didn’t tell the doctors I was gonna do this,” he continues. “I told ’em I was going to do ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ the finale … but I feel great, I gotta be honest. There’s still obviously a lot of things, a lot of pain I’m still experiencing, but except for a little, as they say, a little ‘hitch in your giddy-up,’ … I feel amazing.”

What about his family? We can’t believe they let him do this! “I can’t believe my family did either. I may not have told them either,” Bret laughs. “I left a few things out … but I needed this for my soul. It was a great experience.”

So what’s next? “The plan is on Friday I’m going to attempt to go do a show in Biloxi and I’m gonna see how that goes. I’ll just take a few shows at a time,” says Bret.

How has his outlook on life changed since his health problems? “The outlook on life… I always thought I enjoyed every day, but now I know I enjoy every day. Every minute here is awesome.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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