With a little bit of alien power and a few hair scrunchies, Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea have transported back to the ’80s in their new music video for “Pretty Girls.” And, spoiler, it’s super weird, awkward, amazing and colorful all at the same time.

The video features Spears hanging out with her new alien friend — yes, Azalea plays an alien with glowing eyes and a talent for turning obsolete cell phones into smartphones — as they cruise down the streets with all of their gal pals. And, of course, the video is filled with ’80s staples: leopard-print tops, jean vests, pink lipstick, geometric earrings and lots of “like”s being thrown in between words.

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Although it’s hard to pick which aspect is the most ridiculous best, the winner has to be Queen Britney. Azalea might be hot stuff right now, but as soon as Spears makes her way into a video, all eyes are on her. There’s just something so magical about watching Spears channel her early-2000s days and make moves on the dance floor. She’s still got it.

Posted by:Casey Rackham