britney cover v Britney Spears: 'I'll let the music speak for me'Britney Spears has no need to discuss her troublesome past or questionable behavior. “There’s nothing to say,” she tells V Magazine. “I’ll let the music speak for me.”

She’s referring to her upcoming new record, “Femme Fatale,” which she spent two years recording. As for her days of head-shaving, rehab visits, and hospitalizations, she’s staying mum.

“I’m past all of that. I try to block it all out and not pay attention
to anything they write about me in the magazines or online,” she says. “I’m done with that.”

We can’t blame her. “Femme Fatale’s” first single, “Hold It Against Me,” shot to the top of the charts and stayed there. “The bitch is back and better than ever!” Britney says — and this time, we believe her.

Brit has no reason to worry about the success of her record, but she says that if she ever left the music industry, she’s got a fool-proof backup plan. “I’d be a full-time mom, which would be cool. I’d miss my
fans and all of the love the most, but I definitely would not miss
having my picture taken everywhere I go.”

In 2005, Britney starred in a short-lived reality TV series with Kevin Federline, called “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.” Now, she’s keeping cameras out of her personal life and she’s not talking about her relationship or her children much. “”I think it’s easier to let people in when you’re younger, but when I
became a mother I wanted more privacy for myself and my children. A life
away from my life,” she says.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie