britney spears ooh la la music video Britney Spears' sons make their debut in 'Ooh La La' music video

Britney Spears‘ latest hit comes fresh off of the soundtrack for the upcoming “Smurfs 2,” and it’s already tearing up the radio. “Ooh La La” is a classic Spears song, light and dance-ready with lyrics that — on a closer look — are actually quite dirty. 

But the pop star decided to go the full family-friendly route for the music video for “Ooh La La,” and got her two sons Sean Preston, 7, and Jayden, 6, to make their debut. In the video — which premiered Thursday (July 11) — the two adorable boys head to the movies with their mom to see “Smurfs 2,” but due to some magic and shenanigans Spears ends up sucked into the movie. 

Much to the glee of her boys, Spears dances with the Smurfs — though the era of Spears actually dancing seems to be long over. She mostly fist pumps while the Smurfs do all the actual dancing.

Check out the full video below:

“Smurfs 2” hits theaters July 31.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum