brittany murphy simon monjack 2 Brittany Murphy warned by director about 'con man' Simon Monjack

Director George Hickenlooper — who says he’s a friend of Brittany Murphy   alleges to the New York Daily News that he warned the actress years ago not to get involved with “con man” Simon Monjack. 
Although Monjack was given an executive producer and “story by” credit on Hickenlooper’s 2006 movie “Factory Girl,” the director says it’s just not true.
Just hours after Murphy died, Hickenlooper posted the following on Hollywood Elsewhere. 
“Simon Monjack did not produce ‘Factory Girl.’ He sued his way onto the project for a title and stole 150K out of my budget. He is a con man and a bad guy. When Brittany married him I warned her and warned her as did so many others. I only hope to God that this creep wasn’t instrumental in her sad sad demise. What a wonderful wonderful girl she was. I really really cared for her.”


He claims he posted about this on IMDB two years ago to warn people about Monjack.
But Brittany Murphy — whom he almost cast as Andy Warhol Muse Edie Sedgwick in the film (he ultimately went with Sienna Miller) — called him, begging him to take the post down.
“In the end, I told Brittany I would do it for her and remove the post because I really cared for her as a friend. The last thing I told Brittany is: ‘Do you know this guy? I mean do you really know him? Do you know what you are doing by marrying him?'”
He ends by writing that Brittany got angry and hung up on him. A few months later Hickenlooper called but Monjack would not let him speak to her.