brad pitt george clooney gi 'Bromance,' 'tweet,' 'cougar' added to Merriam Webster's dictionaryHey guys, tweet this out to all your best buds: Merriam-Webster dictionary on Thursday (Aug. 25) added 150 new words to its official lexicon.

Here’s a sampling:

>> Bromance: “Close, nonsexual friendship between men.” (Pictured above courtesy Brad Pitt and George Clooney.)

>> Cougar: “A middle-aged woman seeking a romantic relationship with a younger man.”

>> Crowdsourcing: “The practice of obtaining information from a large group of people who contribute online.”

>> Parkour: The urban sport which combines “efficient running, climbing and leaping over environmental obstacles.”

>> Helicopter Parent: “A parent who is overly involved in the life of his or her child.”

>> Boomerang Child: “A young adult who returns to live at his or her family home especially for financial reasons.”

Editors tell Reuters that words are included based on common usage and that they monitor how words are used online, in print and conversation on a daily basis to stay on top of trends.

Though — truth be told — we’re kind of thinking “bromance” and “parkour” should’ve made it in at least two years ago. But hey, it isn’t as if Merriam-Webster’s is crowdsourced.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson