brooke burke gma Brooke Burke is a 'Naked Mom'    but not exactly in that wayYou’ll be seeing quite a bit of Brooke Burke in the next few days. Which is fitting, since the title of her new book is “The Naked Mom.”

And, yes, the “Dancing With the Stars” co-host does poes nude for the cover of her book, but the “Naked” in the title refers more to her baring all the details of her life rather than taking off her clothes. Burke began a media push for the book Tuesday (Feb. 1) on “Good Morning America” and “Live with Regis and Kelly”; she’s booked on “The Wendy Williams Show” on Wednesday.

brooke burke naked mom cover Brooke Burke is a 'Naked Mom'    but not exactly in that way“[The book] is about parts of me no one has seen before,” Brooke tells Robin Roberts on “GMA” (video of their interview is below; you can also read an excerpt). “I’m either going to do it truthfully and tell all, or not at all. I’m not ashamed to share my challenges and my difficult moments, and also the things I did right and the things I’m learning.”

As for the “challenge” part, Burke reveals in the book and on “GMA” that while she loves her four kids “madly and deeply,” she doesn’t always like them.

“There are different things I prefer with different children,” she says. “I love them all madly, but I think as a mother, you love them differently. … What I do successfully with one absolutely fails with another one.”

“The Naked Mom” hits stores Tuesday. Here’s the video of her “GMA” interview:

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Posted by:Rick Porter