Brooke Burke-Charvet
is proudly showing off her scar after undergoing surgery for a thyroid cancer diagnosis. The “Dancing With the Stars” host posted an emotional video online to announce her diagnosis, along with plans to have her thyroid completely removed.

Now completely cancer-free, Brooke says she is “one of the lucky ones.” She shares some personal images from the hospital, which can be seen in the video above.
“The message really is about preventative health,” says Brooke. “Because I had no symptoms, and generally thyroid cancer is very subtle symptoms.”
Burke’s doctor discovered a small lump during her yearly routine physical, and further testing showed the tumor was likely cancerous. “I knew that I was gonna be OK,” says Brooke, who appears for the first time with no makeup or scarf to cover her scar. “Now I’m just celebrating life.”
Brooke is already back to work, promoting her fitness DVDs, and co-hosting the “Miss America 2013” competition.
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