brooke-burke-charvet-gi.jpgBrooke Burke continues to have a positive attitude about her thyroid cancer, even as she prepares for surgery. Before wrapping this season of “Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars,” Brooke announced plans to have her thyroid removed.

Despite a cancer diagnosis, Brooke said at the time she expects a happy ending.

Now that “DWTS” is done, the co-host of the show has scheduled her surgery, which she says will leave a scar across the front of her neck.

Brooke wrote to her fans on Facebook saying she is “planning on a speedy recovery.” Though she admits on her Modern Mom blog that she expects challenges ahead, Brooke remains resolute. “What a crazy time,” she writes. “But I am surrounded with love and support and that really makes a world of difference.”

As for post-surgery plans, Brooke says she has plenty of movies she wants to watch, and a lot of sleep to catch up on.

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