brooke mueller mafia gi Brooke Mueller claims mafia connections before being put in rehab?

When reports popped up that Brooke Mueller’s two children with ex-husband Charlie Sheen were put in the care of his other ex, Denise Richards, Mueller’s rep was quick to release a statement. She was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center May 3, and would likely transition to a treatment facility to get help for prescription drug abuse.
The story got a bit more strange though, according to TMZ. Sources familiar with the situation say the cops were actually called to Mueller’s home May 1, after a man reported she assaulted him. When police arrived, Mueller was allegedly rambling about possible connections to the mafia. Mueller also reportedly claimed she had been in contact with the FBI, talking about Sheen, giving them information that would “bring him down.”
A source says cops thought Mueller was under the influence of something, which reportedly turned out to be Adderall, and looked like she hadn’t slept in days. It was then that police called the Department of Children and Family Services to the home. Steps were then taken to place Mueller on a 3-day 5150 psychiatric hold.
The children remain with Richards for the time being, which Charlie approved of. According to his rep, “He knows [the twins] Max and Bob are safe and in a stable, loving environment with Denise and the boys’ sisters.” Sheen has two daughters with Richards, Lola and Sam.
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