brooklyn nine nine joe lo truglio fancy brugdom fox 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' Season 1 episode 20: 'Fancy Brudgom' means 'fancy groom' in Danish

It’s wedding bell time on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” as Boyle and Vivian start planning their nuptials. 
Here Comes the Groom
Boyle choose Peralta to be his best man, and gives him a copy of “Fancy Brudgom” magazine to help with the planning … “fancy groom” in Danish. Two full days of wedding planning and inappropriate sharing by Boyle! At least until Boyle tells Peralta that he’s moving to Canada with Vivian after they’re married and admits he doesn’t want to go.
This comment just opens the door for Boyle’s insecurities over marrying Vivian in the first place. He doesn’t want to leave NYC but he can’t actually talk to her because he’s convinced she’ll just dump him. So he makes Peralta do it, and Vivian gets pretty pointed that he’s overstepping. And since Boyle can’t actually talk to Vivian, he backs her up and throws Peralta under the bus. As such, Peralta quits as best man.
But he’s not done with Boyle. Peralta forces him to stop from turning in his resignation papers by whacking him with a baton to the knee. In the end, Boyle does indeed talk with Vivian, and shockingly, she doesn’t dump him. Yet.
Meanwhile … 
Terry, Santiago and Gina are on a diet together. It’s more like a starvation thing though. Pre-packaged meals consisting of a carrot, three pistachio nuts and a cantaloupe slice so thin “you can see through it” according to Terry. Gina lasts two days before she caves and Santiago accidentally drops her allotted almond out of her mouth, causing her to go into a rage and binge on burgers. Terry, however, tries to prove that he’s not hungry, or weak, by lifting a car. He does it … but not without, well, certain gases escaping, loudly and with great intensity. It turns out Terry is so devoted to the diet because his wife is on it too, and he just wants to support her. 
Diaz gets in trouble with Holt for busting on a fellow officer, and he teaches her, sorta, how to apologize. However, the apology isn’t exactly sincere, since Diaz even says she’s sorry he’s a terrible cop and has a “goat face.” Holt explains again that Diaz has to learn to graciously apologize when she’s in the wrong. 
Best Lines:
  • “Go back inside!” – Terry
    “Are you talking to us or the fart?” – Gina
  • “It’s called Manitoba Sauce Cake.” – Vivian
  • “I’m totally prepared. I even bought some nurse shoes.” – Peralta
  • “Did I plan the worst wedding in history?” – Boyle
    “Second worst. Red Wedding. “Game of Thrones.” – Peralta
  • “According to Charles, the Danes throw the most beautiful weddings in the world, and, the most violent funerals.” – Peralta
  • “That’s habanero pepper frosting, because our marriage is going to SIZ-ZLE.” – Boyle
  • “Thong! Why are you wearing a thong?” – Peralta
    “It’s my ‘something borrowed.'” – Boyle
  • “Nothing to see here. Just a little hypoglycemic rage.” – Terry

Do you think Boyle and Vivian will actually make it down the aisle together?

Posted by:Kiley Thompson