andy samberg brooklyn nine nine x men gi 'Brooklyn Nine Nine': Andy Samberg wants Jake in the X Men

When Season 1 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” ended, a lot was on the line for Andy Samberg’s Jake Peralta. He admitted to his feelings for Amy and somehow turned getting fired from the Nine-Nine into a job with the FBI.
Those cliffhangers leave many unanswered questions for Season 2, but Samberg already knows what he hopes will happen next for Jake. “In my wildest dreams he becomes part of the X-Men,” he tells Zap2it at a panel discussion for the show. “That’s my personal dream.”
Of course, to get into the X-Men he’s going to need a pretty impressive mutant power. “Based on the first season, probably talking fast,” Samberg says. “Though I don’t want to enter my name in that ring because [Benedict] Cumbercatch will destroy me.” It’s not quite as powerful as manipulating weather or controlling metal, but talking a villain’s ear off could do some serious damage.
One thing that is known about Season 2 is the move to Sundays, where it will air after “The Simpsons.” For Samberg and the rest of the cast, the new timeslot is an honor. “Obviously, we all grew up watching and loving ‘The Simpsons’,” he explains. “Tonally, I was really happy with the move because there’s a cartoonish quality to our show. There’s obviously pockets of realism and humanity as well, but we do the flashbacks and it’s really colorful and silly.”
There’s something even more promising than airing after the long-running animated hit, though. “It can’t hurt to have your show advertised during Sunday Night Football,” Samberg says.
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” returns in the fall, Sundays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.
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