brooklyn nine nine andy samberg joe lo truglio full boyle fox 'Brooklyn Nine Nine': Charles goes 'Full Boyle' on Marilu Henner
It’s Valentine’s week on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) is smitten. Smitten with Professor Vivian (Marilu Henner)! And that right there is awesome.
Full Boyle
Boyle and Peralta (Andy Samberg) go undercover as tourists to nab a bad guy. And Boyle is also going “full Boyle” intensity on his relationship with Vivi. Peralta explains to him that he’s going to “blow this beyond repair.” As Boyle says, he’s been directing all his emotions unsuccessfully at Diaz, so now, he’s out of control and enlists Jake to help him stay cool. Jake confiscates his phone and suggests they go on a double date so that he can be there keep Boyle under control. Sure, that’ll work.
Turns out Bernice, Vivian’s friend for the double date, is beautiful and loves the Nets and “Die Hard,” so Jake ends up all smitten too, and everything he throws at Boyle to reduce his “full Boyle” boil ends up freaking both Vivian and Bernice out. Because he’s Jake. Boyle leaves to cool off, but returns with an engagement ring he bought at a pawn shop, Jake throws it into a hot dog cart’s “boiling pork water” and they pepper spray each other. 
In the end, they catch the bad guy (oh, there was a bad guy story? Yes.) And Jake realizes through the hundreds of texts and voicemails that Vivian is “full Boyle” on Boyle too. 
He proposes, and she accepts. Boyle is getting married! Repeat, Boyle is getting married! That is so not going to end well.
Meanwhile …
Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) gets a visit from a fellow cop, Brian Jensen, who informs Holt that he’ll be running for president of the African-American Gay and Lesbian New York City Policemen’s Association (AAGLNYCPA for short.) Since Holt is the founder and 25-year president of AAGLNYCPA, he’s not happy for the competition. And when Andre Braugher says “destroy him,” you gulp a little and take that seriously, even with comedic timing. 
Holt makes Gina his campaign manager because she has “great hair” and “loves lying.” But Brian has good ideas that go above and beyond Holt’s history with the organization, as Gina rightfully points out, so Holt actually respectfully withdraws from the campaign (but does threaten Brian with impeachment if he messes anything up.) You’re so classy, Holt.
Also, “Super Dan” (guest star Nate Torrence), a civilian crimefighter, wearing a cape and tights and everything shows up to help out, much to the ridicule of Diaz and Santiago. That backfires when it turns out Super Dan has been scoping out drug deals and has info on a case they’ve been working on for months. But they dismissed him, and so, Terry reassigns their case to Scully and Hitchcock. They call Super Dan back in and involve him on their case, in order to “help out everyone no matter what” … they’re wearing.
Best Lines:
  • “Nice jeans, Boyle. Those are surprisingly low-waisted.” – Gina
    “Eyes up here, Gina. I’m more than just a piece of a**.” – Boyle
  • “Oh, Canada. Truly Odie to America’s Garfield.” – Peralta
  • “Hi Vivi, it’s Chucklebunny. I’m just calling about dinner tomorrow. I can’t wait to see you, my luscious little breakfast quiche. I just want to draw you a bubble bath and spoon-feed you caviar. I think we should open up a joint checking account. I just LOVE you.” – Boyle
  • “I didn’t even notice he was wearing a cape.” – Scully
  • “Bernice? That sounds like a cartoon dump truck.” – Peralta
Posted by:Kiley Thompson