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“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is quietly becoming one of our favorite, solid, ensemble comedies, and not just because of the yin-yang push-and-pull between Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) but because the rest of the cast play so well off of each other. There’s a little bit of sexual tension, a good non-sequitur here and there, and an almost constant stream of “best lines.” What more can you ask for in a half-hour show?
Rapper/actor Kid Cudi guest starred on tonight’s episode “48 Hours” as Dustin Whitman, a recently-released from prison troublemaker that Jake pulled in under the suspicion of holding up a jewelry store. But since there’s no evidence at all, and Jake jumped the arrest gun, as it were, Jake (or “Joke” as Dustin calls him repeatedly) only has 48 hours to link Dustin to the heist, or let him go, and the rest of the department has to stay the weekend to help (busting poor Santiago’s real date plans.) Jake tries everything, including annoying guitar playing, to get Dustin to confess, but no dice. He has an air-tight alibi… but Dustin’s old cell mate doesn’t. Turns out Dustin and his prison buddy Marcus Cole planned the heist together with Dustin’s “M.O.” figuring they’d split the diamonds. Joke, er, Jake wins. Yay Jake. The usual comes-through-at-the-last-minute story is predictable, but it works.
On the sidelines, Gina and Diaz go toe-to-toe on one of life’s most important things: pie. They corner Boyle into deciding what diner has the best pie (and of course he chooses Diaz’s favorite, even though it almost makes him barf), but takes Gina’s advice to heart when she tells him women don’t like to be lied to, and brings in the best-ever pie from a third diner, handily crushing the pie competition. Mmmm. Pie. 
And for the record, I am not Santiago’s “you only have one friend” Kiley. But I wish I were. And for another record, we were waiting for a “48 Hours” buddy cop movie reference, but no. Alas.
Best Lines:

  • “Is this why you were getting make-up tips from the prostitute in the holding cell? – Diaz
    “I just wanted to know how she got such smokey eyes. Turned out it was an STD rash.”
    – Santiago

  • “When you’re that big, you buy anything that fits. A lot of fat guy clothes have racist overtones.” – Sgt. Terry

  • “First off, that’s a terrible threat. I would love to have a statue of myself in the middle of a dance club.” – Jake

  • “Who cares what he thinks. You’re a police sergeant. You’re a grown man. Now take your nap. And if I see the lights on here, I’m going to be very disappointed in you.” – Holt to Terry
  • “Can I please put your glasses on my penis? I just think that would be really funny.” – Jake 
  • “Do whatever you want, but most women don’t really like it when dudes lie to them. Except for me, but I’m wired to thrive on disfunction.” – Gina
  • “You just graduated pie school, b******! Sorry I said ‘b******’ I’m just really worked up.”
    – Boyle
How are you feeling about “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”? Has it made your must-watch list yet?
Posted by:Kiley Thompson