brooklyn nine nine andy samberg chelsea peretti the apartment fox 'Brooklyn Nine Nine': Peralta and Gina grew up hanging out in 'The Apartment'
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” continues to find nuggets of interesting back-story and growth for our favorite lovable, dysfunctional police squad. What is tonight’s theme?
The Apartment
Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) is about to get thrown out of his apartment, which is going co-op and he can’t afford to buy it (for $430,000, hello, NYC) because he’s drowning in debt. And we learn that he and Gina (Chelsea Peretti) grew up together. Because there are only a few dozen people in Brooklyn. But she loves his apartment too … it was his Nana’s place and they grew up there together as kids, watching “House Party.” Awww.
After Gina gives him the low-down on his nonexistent finances, they visit a loan shark who will loan money to anyone, for a steep price, and Peralta borrows $20,000 to make a down payment. Not smart. Unfortunately for him, the co-op board is still throwing him out, and he needs to find a new place to live stat. After visiting a few revolting places (including one place where a pigeon literally flies out of the toilet,) Gina offers to buy the apartment and rent it to Peralta as his land-lady. While Peralta is OK with taking money from a loan shark, he’s freaked out by his old friend Gina helping him out (because he’s Jake.) 
In the end, Peralta apologizes, and realizes that he could reasonably sublet Gina’s tiny apartment from her, allowing her to buy his apartment for herself. And all is well.
The Weekend Crew
The precinct comes in over the weekend to do their self-evaluations with Capt. Holt (Andre Braugher) and Terry (Terry Crews). One of the “weekend” shift guys, Det. Lohank (Matt Walsh) has a bad habit of shaving at Diaz’s desk and then, shudder, blowing the clippings into her keyboard. This action, of course, drives her into a fit of rage. With Boyle’s help, they fill his locker with shaving cream and “stranger hair” from a barber shop. Turns out Lohank is in the middle of some incredibly awful personal problems, making Boyle, and even Diaz, feel itty bitty about that locker prank. 
Meanwhile, Santiago is stumped on her one question evaluation from the Captain – “what is her one flaw?” She can’t chill and slow down enough to answer him. But she’s not alone in Holt’s scrutiny: Scully and Hitchcock only had 14 arrests in a year, and Peralta is a sassy man. Terry calls out the Captain for cornering the crew and playing mind games with them, and Holt agrees, and says he has a lot to learn from Terry. 
In the end, Diaz and Boyle make a bit of peace over Boyle’s stalkery past. Boyle has evened out now, being engaged to Vivian (Marilu Henner) and all, and there seems to be some true affection between them. And Santiago figures out her greatest flaw: She cares too much what Holt thinks of her, and she needs to trust her own judgment. She believes this so strongly, she leaves the room before finding out if Holt thinks she’s right.
Theme of the Night: Growth.
Best Lines:
  • “Jump on that! Boyle has psycho-sexual issues!” – Boyle
    “Old news.” – Santiago
  • “All I have are my grandma’s old klezmer records and I still haven’t quite figured out how to sync up the beats, but it’s not bad, right?” – Peralta
    “It’s awful. It sounds like Joy Behar falling down some stairs.” – Gina
  • “Oh, ‘Little Mermaid,’ what have you done.” – Gina
  • “Ah, we accidentally dropped all our loose hair and shaving cream in this locker, so we’re cleaning it out.” – Boyle
  • “You’re Gina. Your life-long dream is to be on ‘Wife Swap.’ You call gum ‘the dentist.’ You think Ray J is a national treasure.” – Peralta
Not the best episode we’ve seen, but after a few howlers, they needed a break. But Peralta’s slip-up calling Capt. Holt “dad” still begs the question — when can we find out more back story on Peralta and gang? Because it would be so good.
Posted by:Kiley Thompson