brooklyn ninenine season 1 finale andy samberg melissa fumero fox 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' Season 1 finale: Romance and job loss in 'Charges and Specs'
It’s the end of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Season 1, fans. And what a season it’s been, eh? Cough, cough, Golden Globe WHAT. What will Season 2 hold? Well, maybe a new job for Peralta. And maybe some new and seriously unexpected relationships.
Charges and Specs

Jake gets himself fired! He’s investigating Lucas Wint, a community leader, for money laundering, but gets shut down by the Commissioner Podalski (who is still ticked off that Peralta had his son arrested). He doesn’t back off, though, even roping Santiago into his mission to get more evidence. She in turn backs him up to Holt. But he’s brought up on “charges and specs” by Podalski, and is put on administrative leave until a hearing about the case. But he continues working anyway, with Santiago doing the leg work, because he’s OCD Peralta.

They find an informant who tells Holt he’s been dropping cash at Wint’s community center every Friday that’s being marked as a charity donation. On that, Holt takes the testimony, sticking his neck out for Peralta.
After a run to the thrift store to make themselves dapper, Holt, Peralta and Santiago crash the community center’s amateur ballroom competition (because who doesn’t want to see Andy Samberg in sequins?) to snag the account books showing the cash drops before the reinstatement hearing. Finally, Peralta gets the book just before he has to show up, but Holt asks him to not mention the evidence and actually get himself fired instead. Turns out the FBI is investigating Wint as part of a larger mob crime ring, and they want him to go undercover with the agents to help. And that makes his firing a promotion, really. Agent Peralta!
And while “Amy, your dress makes you look like a mermaid” is the closest Peralta is going to get to telling Santiago he loves her, his grown-up admission of his feelings to Santiago leaves her shocked and is perfectly charming. Now that they’re not working together, and even though she’s dating Teddy and they’re not supposed to have any contact, do you think Peraltiago stands a better chance?

Meanwhile …
The wedding is officially off. Boyle is not getting married, but he’s now a hard-boiled-egg-eating part of “The Matrix.” No one figured that was actually going to happen, right? But he’s got his sights back on Diaz. He’s in it to win it. But she’s actually quite worried about Boyle, and wants to help him. I’m telling you; there’s something there. But Boyle’s big romance deserved more than just a subplot at the end of the season. Poor Boyle. Or maybe not, depending on the final scene with Gina, eh?
And of course Captain Holt can dance. And of course Peralta beelined to one of the mobster family’s men immediately.

Best Lines
  • “The English language cannot fully capture the depth and complexity of my thoughts so I’m incorporating Emoji into my speech to better express myself. Winky face.” — Gina
  • “Sir-I’m-Amy-Santiago-and-I-have-something-to-say-I-think-you’re-wrong-I-think-Detective-Peralta-is-on-to-something-and-you-should-let-him-pursue-it-I’m-Amy-Santiago-and-I’m-done-talking.” – Santiago
  • “There’s this thing that I do whenever I … feel. Burn. Everything.” – Diaz
  • “I take it you’re the toddler.” – Judge
  • “Eyes first, head first, can’t lose!” – Peralta
Golf claps for the entire cast of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” this year. You’re all a barrel of laughs with a juicy heart in the middle. See you next season, Niners.

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