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Oh, hey, did you know that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” won not one, but two Golden Globes Sunday night? Yep. In what was perhaps the biggest surprise of the event, a gobsmacked Andy Samberg won for best actor in a comedy series and the show as a whole won for best comedy series.

Only twelve episodes of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” have aired, and boom. Golden Globes. What did you think of the show getting the honor so quickly, over powerhouses like Jim Parsons, Jason Bateman, and “Parks and Recreation” and “Modern Family?”

We’re happy for them, and we’re sure it’s going to bring in new fans. Anyway, on to tonight’s episode, “The Bet.”
Peralta (Samberg) and Santiago’s (Melissa Fumero) year-long felony arrest bet has come up. Peralta had put up his car; Santiago, a fully Peralta-orchestrated date in said car. At the last minute, Peralta books a prostitution ring and wins by 10, and Santiago is forced to go out on “the worst date ever” with Peralta. Now, there’s been chemistry between these two from the beginning, but will anything come of it?
Ah, the date. Ever the gentleman, Peralta even chooses Santiago’s dress for the evening, a lovely Gunne Sax style number, circa 1988, complete with butt bow. They head over to a precinct party celebrating Boyle’s medal of valor, so that everyone can see Santiago in all her glory.

Meanwhile, Boyle’s pain meds are making him a little loopy and loose, and as Gina says, he’s “dropping truth bombs on everyone.” Holt asks Gina to keep an eye him. Because if there’s anyone to watch Boyle … it’s Gina. In his heightened, drugged state, Boyle drops the ultimate bomb: Peralta teases Santiago because he’s like a schoolboy with a crush, and he’s not able to actually talk to her. 
Thankfully, for Santiago, Holt assigns them a stakeout in the middle of the date. And while waiting for the perps to show up, they actually have a nice, grownup date moment. We find out why Peralta loves his car so much: It’s linked to his first arrest, right out of the academy. Holt calls to relieve them from the stakeout, but Peralta says they’re fine with staying … he’s curious to see where the evening leads. They end up making the arrest, with a little cute bit of dating couple play-acting. That story line is now official, it seems.

We get to meet Terry’s wife too, who had no clue that Terry was back in the field, and she’s not happy (she even called him “Terrence”). Holt tries to help, and fails miserably, but Boyle’s truth bombs actually save the day, and Terry’s relationship. 
In the end, Boyle truth-bombs Rosa with the news that he didn’t know he was jumping in front of her specifically when he took the bullet — she’d been careful around him thinking he was going to call in the “saving your life card,” but no. And again, Boyle ends up with the best line of the night: “When you finally go out with me, and you will, it’ll be because I do things that only Charles Boyle would do.” Romance No. 2 in the works (and one that may actually be more entertaining in the long run.) And Holt inadvertently tells Santiago that he had tried to relieve them, but Peralta had refused. Aww.
And that, readers, is romantic comedy that’ll rock you like a hurricane.
Best Lines:
  • “The horse is pooping on the stage. Sgt. Peanut Butter is pooping on the stage!”
  • “Thor would never wager his hammer. Neil Patrick Harris would never wager his showmanship.”
  • “Hey, Santiago, do you have any dietary restrictions “Medieval Times” should know about?”
  • “Oh, yeah. You look like every girl at every Bat Mitzvah I ever had a crush on.”
  • “Have you seen Rosa?”
    “Rosa died eight years ago.”
  • “Santiago and I will be performing the steerage gig, from the film ‘Titanic’ which we have prepared for in no way, shape, or form.”
  • “What else do i need to know? You cooking meth? You ‘Breaking Bad’? How many phones do you have?”
Posted by:Kiley Thompson