andre braugher brooklyn nine nine fox newscom 325  'Brooklyn Nine Nine's' Andre Braugher: 'These characters are lovable goofballs'Zap2it: You haven’t done much comedy; why?

Andre Braugher: I haven’t been asked to do it. I don’t have a lot of history of comedy. I like watching my fellow actors, and I think I will learn something. The stakes are the same. There is a comic tone my ear has to be tuned for.

Zap2it: What was your reaction reading the “Brooklyn  Nine-Nine” pilot?

Andre Braugher: I read it and fell for it. I am a fan of “Parks and Recreation.” These characters are lovable goofballs. One of my chief complaints [with some shows] is they have an idea and characters can’t progress. You don’t know the characters’ histories. These guys (show’s creators) understand how to create a world. I would have a little more confidence. I looked at the first and fourth seasons of “Parks and Rec,” and I could see how Amy Poehler has grown and changed from someone who can’t get a playground made to mayor.

Zap2it: Will your family move from New Jersey to be with you in Los Angeles?

Andre Braugher: I have been working away from my family for 25 years. My [then] girlfriend moved in, and I went to “Glory” for five months, and that has been our pattern for our married life. The only time when we were all together was when I was in Baltimore.

Zap2it: How does the uptight Capt. Ray Holt deal?

Andre Braugher: I’ve got my nemesis. I am looking at larger interests. The precinct is underperforming and filled with gifted and talented detectives that need a little attention.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler