Looks like the writers of “Brothers & Sisters” found a nifty way to get rid of Robert, played by Rob Lowe.

After Sunday (May 16) night’s finale, we’re pretty sure that was a death scene for Rob, after that bad pileup that also left Saul and Holly in bad shape. 

]]><![CDATA[Holly didn't say much. She just bled. And that's never a good sign. But after a bloodied Saul shouted "Don't touch me!" to Kevin, it's pretty clear that the old guy tested positive for HIV. So there's another whole story line to explore next season. So he'll be back. But what about Holly? Can anyone blame Rob for wanting to leave all the drama behind and head to NBC’s comedy “Parks and Recreation”? After years of political drama on “West Wing” and family problems on “Br&S,”  he probably just needs a break. Are you looking forward to seeing the funny side of Rob? Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Related: ‘Brothers & Sisters’ TV query: What was that song playing at the end of the finale?
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead