brothers and sisters season 6 renewal abc 320 'Brothers & Sisters': ABC reportedly mulls over a shorter Season 6 and even less Kitty

Here we go again. Last season, “Brothers & Sisters” made several cost-cutting moves to ensure that ABC would give it another season. With the show on the bubble, the network is reportedly mulling over further ways to grant the show the final season its actors and fans have been asking for.
According to Deadline, ABC is considering an abbreviated Season 6 and a new agreement with star Calista Flockhart.
Here’s a rundown of what’s mentioned in the article:
Abbreviated final season: Like last season, the network is considering a shorter season order for Season 6. If you’ll remember, Season 5 was originally given 18 episodes, which later was augmented to 22 when solid ratings came through. For the final season, the network is apparently considering the wide range of six to 18 episodes. Though, apparently, the cast members’ contracts cover them for a minimum of 13 episodes should another season be picked up. So if the order comes in for less, the network would have to re-negotiate with each actor. It seems that the network is currently only negotiating with Flockhart.

Less KItty: It’s not clear whether the actress asked for less hours on the show in the current season or if ABC requested. Nevertheless, you may have noticed her increased absence in Season 5. Well, expect even less of Kitty if the show gets another season. According to the report, the network has approached Flockhart about taking on less hours next season. That shouldn’t be too hard as her character has become less of a focal point in the series.
By the way, the report from Deadline does mention our exclusive interview with star Gilles Marini in which he laid out several good reasons for the show’s renewal and a proper series wrap-up. That article has received more than 70 comments.

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