brothers and sisters cancelled abc 'Brothers & Sisters' canceled: 10 things we'll miss about the Walkers

There’s something inhumane about networks announcing mass cancelations all at once. It sort of denies the viewer a chance to mourn each and every show that’s killed the same way we watched them — one at a time and with our undivided attention. 
So now that the execs have gone home with blood on their hands, we finally have a moment to really think about the loss of one of our favorite shows, ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters.”
As we mentioned in our finale article, there are a few reasons to believe that the series that defined family dysfunction could have gone on. But, if it ended with that episode (as we now know it does) and the series was truly about surviving the sins of William Walker, then that chapter can now be closed. That doesn’t mean we won’t miss the things that “Brothers & Sisters” did so well. 
So, allow us to reflect on 10 things we’ll miss about the Walkers:
1.) It’s always the right time and place for a glass of wine.
2.) No addiction is ever quite over and they will always talk about it.
3.) There’s a miraculous tunnel between Nora’s (Sally Field) house in Pasadena to Kitty’s (Calista Flockhart) place in Santa Barbara that cuts the commute down from four hours to just 30 minutes.
4.) The Walkers can’t follow you to New York City. Seattle, Mexico, and D.C.? Expect a visit.
5.) Telling a Walker to keep a secret is a sure way to tell the entire family.
6.) Getting married is just asking for trouble.
7.) Three-way calling? Best. Invention. Ever.
8.) Dating a walker greatly increases one’s chances of being injured in a mass car accident.

9.) A little Tommy (Balthazar Getty) goes a long way.

10.) If she looks like their sister and feels like their sister, she still may not be their sister.
What will you miss about the Walkers?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog