brothers and sisters abc rachel griffiths sally field last season 'Brothers & Sisters': Cast wonders if Season 5 will be their lastABC’s reduced order of an 18-episode Season 5 rather than the typical 22 for “Brothers & Sisters” have raised some red flags. Apparently, even the cast seems confused as to what the smaller order means.

“In my negotiation,” Rachel Griffiths, who plays Sarah Walker, tells TV Guide. “I asked, ‘does 18 mean it’s the last season?’ I would love to know. I feel like this is the last season, but I don’t know for sure.”

It’s no secret that the series has been trying to cut costs for next season. So, that may be why the order was cut to just 18 episodes. It was rumored that they were going to be cutting the fat on the show by killing off at least two characters in the finale. Rob Lowe may have made death No. 1 easy by leaving, but is Patricia Wettig the rumored cost-cutting death No. 2?

Regardless, even Walker matriarch Sally Field seems open to the idea of Season 5 being their last.

“We’ll be real ready,” Field says. “We’re tired!”

Do you think it’s time to put “Brothers & Sisters” out to pasture?

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Photo credit: Richard Cartwright  / ABC

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