brothers and sisters preview kitty nora 'Brothers & Sisters' gets it groove backIf, like us, the Season 5 premiere of “Brothers & Sisters” left a bad taste in your mouth, we want to assure you that Sunday’s Oct. 3 episode is everything the premiere should have been. 

It’s definitely closer to where we feel the year time jump should have left the Walker clan. Kitty is thinking of next steps after Robert’s death (which should have just been a done deal after last season’s car crash instead of drawn out as it was in the premiere episode). Kevin is dealing with his apathy and working to find his paternal side again after surrogacy failed for him and Scotty. Sarah is dealing with Luc’s newfound stardom and tween-age Paige’s attitude. And Justin is trying his best to save his marriage after abandoning Rebecca for a year. 
Most of all, we’re glad to see Nora is being her normal, bossy self, not that strange version we saw of her in the premiere episode. 
In the preview below, Kitty eavesdrops on Nora’s call, which leads the family to make some outrageous conclusions about what Nora has been secretly up to. 

Note: This video will expire on Monday, Oct. 4.

“Brothers & Sisters” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.
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Photo / Video credit: ABC

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