brothers and sisters rachel griffiths gilles marini cancelation abc 'Brothers & Sisters' Gilles Marini to ABC: 'Give it another season and close it well'

Over the past weekend, “Brothers and Sisters” fans were abuzz with news that Rachel Griffiths confirmed the series’ cancelation at an event in Australia when she joked, “I’m soon to be unemployed.”
“I’m sure Rachel is messing around,” Griffiths’ TV fianc�, Gilles Marini, tells Zap2it exclusively. “Maybe, she hears things that I don’t. The true thing is [ABC has] an amazing new president. Paul Lee is very involved, an incredible family man, and a sweet guy. He loves family stuff. He loves ‘Brothers & Sisters.'”
“I think Rachel was more joking about it,” he adds. “It’s great, because you know what? She created some buzz and that will come eventually to the ears of people that make decisions.”
ABC tells Zap2it that “no decision has been made yet” on the show’s renewal. And Marini is fully aware that the series is on the bubble, so to speak, but believes it would be a mistake for ABC to cancel the series after this season.
“The thing is ‘Brothers & Sisters’ hasn’t run its course,” he tells us.
“My ideal situation would be if ABC tells us it’s the last season. Let’s close it well,” he adds. “There’s so many more storylines… ABC would be giving their respect to the audience and the 80 countries that watch this show. Close it well. It doesn’t cost that much money. We’re already in syndication. The show did well for the network. Hopefully, they give it another season and close it well.”
Marini points out that the show still gets respectable viewership (averaging 8.6 million viewers an episode) with minimal promotion from the network and that it would be difficult to recreate its success, pointing to several of ABC’s failed new series from last fall.
“If they have a solid show like us, like ‘Desperate Housewives,’ like ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ what not, they should keep that,” he says. “We’re a solid show. People follow it, relate. It’s not like every day you get a show like that with amazing actors – I’m not including myself in that – we’re talking about Sally [Field], Rachel [Griffiths], Matthew Rhys, and Calista [Flockhart], people who have received awards and know what they’re doing.”
Do you agree with Marini? Do you believe that “Brothers & Sisters” should get another season to wrap up its story lines?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog