brothers-&-Sisters-abc-sarah-kevin.jpgOn this episode of “Brothers & Sisters,” Ojai falls deeper in debt, Sarah faces losing Luc and Kevin almost has the worst birthday ever.

New day, new attitude?
Kevin wakes and it seems he’s in better spirits than in the last episode. He’s apparently trying to move on from the news that he crippled his young friend, Aaron. Meanwhile, he and Scotty are waiting to hear if Michelle, their surrogate, is pregnant. Also, Nora is throwing a birthday party for Kevin, though he’s not planning on going. He’s still holding a grudge against her.

At Sarah’s place, she and Luc are getting it on. She stops him short (that’s realistic) and she rushes off to a meeting Holly has called about Narrow Lake. Meanwhile, Luc is packing to return to France in two weeks.

At Nora’s place, she’s freaking out that everyone is ignoring her regarding her party that night. No one wants to tell her that Kevin isn’t coming.

Ojai close to goodbye
At the meeting, Holly tells the gang that the bank is recalling Ojai’s loan and will probably seize the land in a week. They’re considering selling to York before that happens, because then he’ll be able to buy the shares at pennies on the dollar. Rebecca mentions her $2 million gift to the company and Holly won’t use it. After Rebecca walks out, Sarah and Tommy tell Holly they’re shocked that she hasn’t used the money. Holly, though, won’t change her mind.

Party or no Party?
Meanwhile, Scotty is at Nora’s house and trying to convince her to cancel her party. He says that it’s a waste of time and that she should just cancel. She tells him she knows Kevin will show. Then, Scotty tells her they’re both unnerved by the wait for Michelle’s pregnancy results to come in and Nora says she’s sure Michelle is pregnant. Scotty says he’s going to think positively, too.

At Kitty and Robert’s place, Robert says that he is going into L.A. to do a physical and an interview. If he gets the job, he’ll be working out of D.C. He tells her that maybe they should sell the house and move to D.C.

The Walker boys take a stand
Later, Justin and Tommy have lunch with Kevin. Tommy tells them he’s going to meet with Dennis York and the two brothers decide they need to be there, too. Kevin wants him to know they know about Aaron and Narrow Lake. They hope that will make it look like they hold all the cards.

At the meeting later, the men tell York that they know everything except the reason Narrow Lake is so valuable. They offer him a percentage of the profits in the land in exchange for the information. York tells Kevin that his father didn’t tell him about paying off Aaron, because he thought he was weak. Ouch. He then tells them that the deal is off and he’s going to watch Ojai fall and then pick up the pieces. Meeting, fail!

Luc’s packing
Back at Sarah’s place, she’s still having a hard time finding a loan for Ojai and she freaks out over Luc’s packing. She goes to Nora’s place and Kitty comes in just as she’s finishing up another unsuccessful talk with a bank. Nora then comes in and tells them not to try and convince her to cancel the dinner. She won’t change her mind. Just then, Robert texts Kitty that his interview went really well and Nora intercepts the text. She gets Kitty to admit that if they get the job, they’ll probably move to D.C. When Nora seems to be unphased by the news, Sarah goes off on her, enumerating all the problems the family is going through. Nora excuses herself from the room. When Nora returns, she tells them that she’s going to continue with her positive thinking and they all decide to get on board. Why not? The real world sucks for them right now.

Freak out
At Ojai, Holly finds out that Rebecca has transferred $2 million in to the company’s account and paid their invoices. Holly the goes to confront Sarah. She thinks that Sarah convinced Rebecca to do it. Sarah says she’d never do that. Then, Rebecca arrives and says she has the geological survey of Narrow Lake. They can’t seem to find anything in the report that would obviously make the land valuable. Then, Tommy arrives and tells them all that Dennis has pulled his offer. Holly runs out and Rebecca follows after her. He also tells them that Kevin is not doing well and he’s not coming.

Meanwhile, Scotty tells Kitty that he’s freaking out. She tells him whatever happens, she knows that he and Kevin will be OK. She then runs off to see Robert at his office. When she gets there, Robert tells her that he didn’t get the job due to his heart problem.

At Holly’s apartment later, she tells Rebecca that all the news they’ve heard represents the worst-case scenario and that she’ll lose all her money. Her biggest fear is that Rebecca will resent her for it later. She doesn’t want to lose her.

Kevin’s birthday isn’t so bad
Over at Nora’s place, Kevin suddenly shows up. He asks her if it’s true that William thought he was weak and that’s why he kept what happened with Aaron from him. Nora tells him that she believes William was afraid of Kevin, because he knew himself so well – something William seemed to struggle with. Kevin then tells his mother how that’s not true and that the whole incident happened, because Aaron tried to kiss him and he couldn’t deal with it. Then, Nora says that she knew all along that he was gay and was just waiting for him to figure it out. She also admits that she kept the Aaron incident from him, because she was scared of what people would think of him before he was ready to deal with his sexuality himself. What a birthday, huh?

Then, Luc arrives at Nora’s for Kevin’s birthday party. He apologizes for all the boxes and tells her that he’s going to leave it all behind. She shouldn’t be so worried, he tells her. He’s coming back home.

Nora calls the troops back to her house and everyone seems in better sprits even with all the misfortune they’re facing with Ojai, Luc’s impending departure, Robert’s continued unemployment and Narrow Lake’s apparent lack of worth. And just when they think things couldn’t get any worse, they don’t. Michelle calls and tells Kevin and Scotty that she’s pregnant, well kind of. She needs to take another test before they can be sure. Yay, Kevin and Scott are half pregnant!

There’s obviously still something valuable at Narrow Lake. What do you think it is?

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Correction: Cease changed to seize. Worst to worse. Thanks, readers!

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