brothers-&-sisters-finale.jpgMAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Do not read on if you don’t want to know which characters meet their maker.

We knew someone was leaving “Brothers & Sisters” in the finale and now we know the identity of the someone(s). In the leaked video below, Rebecca and Justin are driving when they find the scene of a horrific multi-car accident.

Many of the Walker family are left in bad condition. Rebecca finds Holly unresponsive and bleeding. And Kitty gets a few last words in with Robert before he apparently loses consciousness in that most horrible of ways, eyes still open. Gives us the chills! So, is it Robert or Holly?

Another shocking revelation from the finale comes about when Kevin reaches out to help a bleeding Saul who yells not to touch him because, “You can’t!” Nora looks on stunned and upset as she overhears her brother shout to Kevin. What are your theories? We have ours.

The rumors around this season’s finale spoke of two losses. One would come from death and the other would just be someone leaving, but not in a coffin.

Check out the final scenes below:

Who do you think is the second person who isn’t returning after next year’s probable one year time jump? Or do you think the rumors are wrong and Rob Lowe as Senator Robert McAllister or Patricia Wettig as Holly Harper are the only ones we should be worried about?

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