Emily-VanCamp-brothers-sisters-end.jpgIt’s Sarah’s 40th birthday! Again! Seems like she skipped the chapter in the Feminist Manifesto and has been lying to Luc about her age. Obviously, Luc wants to throw her an obnoxiously large surprise party with her entire family. Partially because, as a Walker, she is contractually obligated to have no friends, and partially because surprise dinner parties are the only way to celebrate birthdays on television. It’s a SAG bylaw or something. Sarah swears all the family to secrecy, but everyone thinks it’s too hilarious to keep quiet. Especially Justin, who missed the memo and blurts the truth in front of Luc. Luckily he already knew. Ha-ha-happy birthday. 

Nora is also feeling old — you know, because she is. An old friend got a tune-up from a plastic surgeon, and Nora, who apparently forgot how to grow old with dignity during the interim year, thinks it is a great idea. She brings Sarah along for some light mother-daughter bonding and a bit of Botox and Restylane. Happy birthday, right? But then Nora remembers, like, her ENTIRE PERSONALITY and doesn’t get her neck done and instead lectures her demeaning boss and quits the flower shop. Now she’s neither a florist, nor a lesbian.

While Holly has had months to mentally prepare for seeing Rebecca, we have not had the opportunity to gird ourselves. Rebecca is intrigued when David tells her that Justin has been working with Holly. Justin also has no chance to brace himself before Rebecca does a drive by visit. She won’t come in, but she appreciates him helping her mom. At Holly’s house, Rebecca talks to the mother who doesn’t remember her and awkwardly hugs her. Holly kindly comforts her that she will find her mother some day. Rebecca starts crying and bolts from the house, because that’s how she rolls. She runs straight to Justin and they make out, despite the fact that they were secretly divorced.

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