brothers-&-sisters-abc-goodbye-ojai-foods.jpgIn this episode of “Brothers & Sisters,” the family says goodbye to Ojai Foods and hello to a world of possibilities

Paige is creating an oral history video for class and she decides to do it on the closing of Ojai Foods. The problem is no one is feeling very chatty about what the company means to them…

Goodbye Ojai
We then join Sarah as she’s telling the employees that Ojai is closing down in a week. In the boardroom, the family and Holly meet and discuss how to squeeze as much worth out of the company as possible. It’s a pretty sad time, but Sarah seems to be attacking it with very little emotion.

When a buyer arrives to look at the property, Nora offers to give him a tour. She misunderstands him and thinks he’s going to convert the building into lofts, which makes her happy. The thought that families may live there is a good one for her. Instead the buyer tells her that he is really going to turn the property into a parking lot. Distraught at the idea, Nora sends him away. Sarah isn’t happy Nora did that, because the man was their highest bidder. Nora tells her she’ll find someone to buy the building herself.

While talking to Tommy, Nora reminisces on how her and William went over every detail of the Ojai building and she comes up with an idea. Maybe the designer, Roger (who she dated for a time being) might want to buy the building! So, Nora sets up a meeting with him and to her chagrin, not only is he into younger women, he’s also into newer buildings. He, in fact, says he’ll pay someone to tear it down. That’s not at all what Nora wanted to hear and she definitely gives him a good ol’ Walker lecture on how wayward his aesthetics are.

On a phone call later, Sarah and Tommy try to get a competitor to hire some of their employees. When he says no, Sarah gives him the riot act. Tommy has to jump in and smooth it over. After the call, he tells Sarah that she needs to relax, but she is stressed out over the welfare of their laid off workers. So, she’s trying to do whatever she can for them.

Sarah follows up the call, but she still can’t get the guy to budge on hiring her workers. So, she makes him a deal he can’t refuse. She offers to give him three semi trucks if he’ll hire her drivers and loaders. Then, Luc comes in, because he’s worried that she’s not eating. I’m glad to see them doing well again after last week’s problems with Cooper.

The next day, Kevin works the impromptu employment office at Ojai and it’s clear that there aren’t that many jobs out there for their many laid off employees. Later, one of the employees runs in excited, talking about being hired by their competitor. It seems Sarah’s deal has worked out for now.

Holly’s next job?
Meanwhile, Saul is helping Holly pack her office and they discuss her impending interview with another produce company. He tells her that she will get the job. By the way, they reminisce about when they dated. Remember that? There was no sex to be had, just old movies together. That should have been the first clue he was gay, says Holly.

At the interview later, Holly’s prospective boss tells her she’s way overqualified for the position, but Holly tells him she’s looking to do something new.

brothers-&-sisters-abc-rebecca-justin.jpgRebecca is also looking for a job and working on her resume when Justin comes in very excited about an opportunity he thinks would be good for both of them. He wants to do medical work in Haiti for a year and thinks Rebecca should come and do some photography, something she used to love. Her reaction, though, isn’t exactly what he was hoping for. She likes her career and wants to continue doing it. And it turns out that she has a second round interview booked. Justin gets angry, because she never told him about the first round and he believes she didn’t even consider Haiti.

Later, Holly is doing her interview with Paige (while Saul watches) when Rebecca bursts in. She tells them that she got the job. She’s now an Associate Vice President. Is anyone else buying this? After two years of work experience at her mother’s company, she nabbed a job title at that level? Please. Oh, and it’s obvious from Holly’s expression that the job was the one she interviewed for. Doh! Maybe they got the names mixed up?

Then, Justin walks in on Sarah and Tommy as they’re packing wondering where Rebecca is. He tells Justin that they should throw a party for Rebecca’s new job and Justin had no idea that she got it. Nice one, Tommy. Then Kevin runs in after finding out about Sarah’s semi truck deal, which he points out is illegal. Those trucks were to be liquidated and the money is supposed to go to creditors. Tommy can’t believe Sarah did that.

Kitty’s laugh factory
Kitty is preparing for some event where the candidates are expected to be funny. She tries out some jokes on Kevin, but they fall flat. He wants her to do well, because he’ll be sitting next to the attorney general and can’t have Kitty bombing onstage.

Later, Robert is on the phone with his boss, I presume, and it sounds like they’re not happy that he hasn’t gotten evidence that Stanton is trying to push his pork barrel project into a national security bill. When Kevin walks in, Robert gets off the phone. Kevin wanted Robert to hear Kitty practice some jokes he paid a writer to create for her, but Robert is on his way out. Then, Kevin asks him if he’d tell him whether he had some kind of job that was illegal and Robert says no he wouldn’t. Then, he says that he’s not doing anything risky or illegal. Kevin doesn’t seem to believe him.

Robert has gone to meet Stanton. He gets into the car and gets exactly what he needed. Stanton offers him a job in exchange for helping him get the votes he needs to pass the bill.

When Kitty is going over the jokes with Kevin and Scotty, they all seem really lame. As she’s cracking jokes about the jokes, Scotty wonders why Kevin thinks she’s not funny. His reason? She’s a good smart-a**, but that isn’t going to come off well at the event. Hah!

Kevin goes to tell Kitty that he can’t go to her event, because there was a “Sarah meltdown” and Kitty can’t believe her luck. She decides to skip the event, so she can be with Sarah and her family.

After his speech, Robert runs into Stanton in the restroom and it turns out he knows that Robert has been sharing the details of their arrangement with someone. He threatens to ruin Kitty’s race if Robert doesn’t destroy the evidence he has.

Lights out
Nora catches up with Sarah and they hash out Sarah’s feelings about what she sees is her failure to keep Ojai open. Nora agrees with her, but says she needs to look at the failure as if it were a doorway to new opportunities.

Then, Sarah notices a box and Nora says it’s from Roger and she hasn’t opened it. After Sarah convinced her, Nora opened the box and they found the plans for Ojai and then, surprise, Narrow Lake! William was building a house for Nora on the land. So, why would Dennis York want that land?

Rebecca also meets up with Holly and tells her she had no idea they were interviewing for the same job and she’s totally not taking it. Holly tells her that it hurt a little, but that the job was a much better fit for Rebecca. She’s just glad that Rebecca has a whole new adventure to look forward to.

By the end of the night, the whole Walker clan assembled
at Ojai. Kevin had somehow been able to fix Sarah’s mistake by helping an employee buy the semi trucks and start his own business. Justin and Rebecca agreed they had a lot to talk about. And Scotty, who seemed sober, randomly broke out in song.

Do you think Justin will resolve his desire to go to Haiti? Will Robert be able to back out of his shady deal?

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