bruce willis red 2 interview Bruce Willis doesn't care about 'Red 2': Watch his painfully awkward interviewWe already know that Bruce Willis wasn’t feeling a kiss with his “Red 2” costar John Malkovich in their just-released sequel. But you know what Willis also wasn’t feeling? Doing any press whatsoever for the movie. It’s hard to tell if he was even feeling “Red 2” at all.

During an interview with British radio station Magic 105.4, Willis made it abundantly clear that he had no interest in promoting the film or answering questions at all. The poor interviewee kept trying to remain optimistic and conduct a professional interview, but Willis did not make things easy for him. Even his costar Mary-Louise Parker didn’t know what to do.

Though Willis did admit that shooting the movie was “the fun part,” he was adamant that the fun part was definitely over, and now it was his obligation to sell the movie. We hate to break it to you, Willis, but you’re doing such a great job of that. Next time, try smiling. Or, you know, actually answering the interview questions.

Watch the awful, painfully awkward interview below:

“Red 2” is currently in theaters.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum