bubble watch 2014 keepers Bubble Watch 2014: 'Almost Human,' 'The Mentalist' and more shows you want to keepThe 2014 Bubble Watch at Zap2it is over, and interest in the polls ranged from intense (hello, “Star-Crossed” fans) to not so much (most everything on NBC).

You voted on 29 broadcast-network shows whose fates have yet to be determined, and you voted to hold onto 12 of them — only about 41 percent of the total. All 12 of them, however, had at least a 10-point difference in the voting. Here are the results.

The runaway leader, with one of the biggest margins we’ve ever seen in the several years Zap2it has conducted Bubble Watch polls, is “Almost Human.” More than 90 percent of voters want a second season of the show, so take note, FOX.

“The Mentalist,” “The Goldbergs” and “Community” all had better than 2-to-1 margins in favor of keeping them on the air. “Star-Crossed” didn’t quite reach the 2-to-1 threshold, but it gathered more total votes than any other show in this year’s polls, signaling that its fans are well-mobilized.

The other shows that made your cut are “Parenthood,” “Nashville,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Crazy Ones,” “Hannibal,” “Trophy Wife” and “About a Boy.” Here are the full results.

Show Keep it
Percentage (# of votes)
Kill it
Percentage (# of votes)
Almost Human 91.12 (4,414) 8.88 (430)
The Mentalist 72.14 (3,490) 27.86 (1,348)
The Goldbergs 69.67 (1,948) 30.33 (848)
Community 67.27 (1,161) 32.73 (565)
Star-Crossed 65.92 (6,785) 34.08 (3,508)
Parenthood 64.6 (991) 35.4 (543)
Nashville 61.84 (1,734) 38.16 (1,070)
Beauty and the Beast 61.55 (5,804) 38.45 (3,626)
The Crazy Ones 59.9 (2,321) 40.1 (1,554)
Hannibal 59.57 (962) 40.43 (653)
Trophy Wife 59.05 (1,442) 40.95 (1,000)
About a Boy 55.67 (785) 44.33 (625)

Posted by:Rick Porter