bubblewatch 2014 nbc Bubble Watch 2014: Should NBC's 'Community,' 'Hannibal' and 'Parenthood' be renewed or canceled?Springtime is a hopeful one at the broadcast networks, as they embark on filming pilots and hope that one of them is that next big hit. It’s also a stressful one for some existing shows, which are waiting to hear if they’ll be back for another year.

NBC has the biggest list of bubble shows among the five broadcast nets. The Peacock has thus far only picked up a handful of shows for next season, and of those remaining, only “Law & Order: SVU” seems like a truly safe bet. It also has a couple dozen pilots in development, three of which have series commitments.

What’s that all mean? A very fluid situation for these nine shows. Vote in the polls below on whether NBC should keep them around or let them go.

‘About a Boy’ and ‘Growing Up Fisher’

The case for them: Pleasant surprises among NBC’s otherwise dismal comedy showing this season, the two shows have drawn consistently solid ratings on Tuesday nights.

The case against them: Much of that ratings success can possibly be attributed to having “The Voice” as a lead-in. Would they survive elsewhere on the schedule?


The case for it: NBC is trying to establish a drama block on Sunday nights for the first time in several years, and though “Believe’s” ratings are rather low, not much else in the time period (at least on broadcast TV) does much better. DVR numbers have been solid in the early going, pushing the show’s 18-49 rating up a full point.

The case against it: Ratings are, indeed, pretty low, with overnight averages coming in at the low to mid-1s in the 18-49 demo.


The case for it: #Sixseasonsandamovie. And also, its ratings are in line with those of the already renewed “Parks and Recreation.”

The case against it: NBC has been threatening to clean its comedy house for years, yet “Community” keeps coming back. With marginal-at-best ratings, can it keep defying the odds?


The case for it: It’s in a similar situation to its Sunday-night companion “Believe” — modest overnight ratings (1.4 in 18-49, 5.8 million viewers) that become decent (2.1, 8.3 million) with DVR use factored in.

The case against it: Is there a story beyond this season’s arc, and if so, will enough viewers care?


The case for it: Strong DVR growth — its 18-49 rating jumped 80 percent in Live +7 ratings — and a smaller-than-average price tag as the result of international co-production could help bring the show back. Star Jonathan Rhys Meyers has said in interviews that a second season is a go.

The case against it: The flip side of strong DVR ratings is that often the overnight numbers were kind of weak. That’s the case here (1.0 18-49 rating, 3.25 million viewers).


The case for it: It got a surprise renewal last year with marginal ratings, helped in part by strong response to the show in other countries. Its overnight ratings are on par with those of “Dracula” earlier in the season.

The case against it: It doesn’t grow as much with DVR use as “Dracula” did, and those overnight numbers are still quite low.


The case for it: It’s NBC’s highest-rated Thursday show, accomplishing that feat with next to no help from its lead-in shows. DVR gains are solid, as they have been throughout the show’s run.

The case against it: Five seasons in, it’s not likely to grow its audience any. With its large cast of veteran actors, “Parenthood” is also fairly expensive.


The case for it: Although its ratings have predictably fallen without “The Voice” as a lead-in, “Revolution” has remained a pretty steady performer, and its DVR numbers have been strong — it grows by a point among adults 18-49 (1.4 to 2.4) and almost 2.4 million viewers (5.18 million to 7.57 million).

The case against it: It’s hard to ignore those year-to-year declines, regardless of why they came about.

Voting will remain open through Tuesday, April 15. You can also vote in other bubble polls: ABC,
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