bubblewatch 2014 abc Bubble Watch 2014: Should 'The Goldbergs,' 'Nashville' and 'Mixology' be renewed or canceled?Springtime is a hopeful one at the broadcast networks, as they embark on filming pilots and hope that one of them is that next big hit. It’s also a stressful one for some existing shows, which are waiting to hear if they’ll be back for another year.

It’s time again for Zap2it‘s annual Bubble Watch. First up is ABC, which has had its usual struggles with launching new shows this season: Although drama “Resurrection” has connected with audiences and “Agents of SHIELD” is doing reasonably well, the rest of this year’s hour-long newbies have flopped. That could be good news for “Nashville,” whose OK-not-great numbers may be looking better to a network that will have a lot of holes.

Comedy has been a mixed bag too. “The Goldbergs” has performed solidly — but doesn’t have a renewal yet, hence its inclusion below — but the other first-year comedies have struggled. ABC will make its decisions in May, but you can register your opinion now. Vote on which bubble shows you want to stick around and which should go away in the polls below.

‘The Goldbergs’

The case for it: It’s easily the best performer of ABC’s first-year comedies, with a 2.6 adults 18-49 rating in the Live +7 tally and 7.1 million viewers. It tends to hold up pretty well even when lead-in “Agents of SHIELD” is a repeat.

The case against it: Really, just that ABC hasn’t pulled the trigger yet. Of all the shows here, it’s probably the safest.


The case for it: Ratings have not been great, but they have been fairly steady, hovering in the mid-1s in the 18-49 demographic.

The case against it: It bleeds a lot of its “Modern Family” lead-in, and negative reviews haven’t bought it any goodwill.


The case for it: As mentioned above, the bombing of four of ABC’s six new dramas could mean space for a third season. It’s also a strong DVR performer, growing by better than 50 percent in viewers and a whopping 80 percent (1.5 to 2.7) in the Live +7 ratings.

The case against it: Those figures are still down a fair amount from last season, and there are seemingly continuous questions about the show’s creative direction.

‘The Neighbors’

The case for it: ABC chief Paul Lee seems to like it? Creatively it’s picked up considerably since a rocky start last year.

The case against it: Even on Fridays, a 1.2 rating in Live +7 is no great shakes. It creates a ratings pothole between the stronger “Last Man Standing” and “Shark Tank.”


The case for it: It settled back into its Wednesday home without missing a beat in January. Its overall audience is pretty much even with last season despite not airing behind “Modern Family” at all as it did for part of last season.

The case against it: It’s not much a DVR performer, and its demographic numbers have fallen off a little more than the total audience.

‘Super Fun Night’

The case for it: Performed better than “Mixology” has in the post-“Modern Family” timeslot. ABC may want to keep rising star Rebel Wilson in the family.

The case against it: “Better ratings than ‘Mixology'” is not an especially high bar. Not an especially strong DVR show.

‘Trophy Wife’

The case for it: Strong reviews that have consistently hailed it as one of the best new comedies of the season, plus decent DVR numbers: It grows by 30 percent in viewers and 42 percent in adults 18-49 from the overnights to Live +7.

The case against it: Those overnight ratings are awfully low: First-run episodes average a 1.2 among adults 18-49 in same-day ratings, and some episodes have fallen below the 1.0 mark.

Voting will remain open through Tuesday, April 15. You can also vote on the bubble shows at
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Posted by:Rick Porter