Buffy Summers, or rather “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” is the Mary Richards of supernatural action heroes. Her parties almost always end in tears.

So it’s that much more appropriate that the series’ official Season 8 comic book continuation come to a close on Jan. 19, its heroine’s 30th birthday. And what did she get? [Definitely do not read on if you haven’t finished the 40-issue series or the seven seasons of television that preceded it. No, really.]

She got a bum wrap — again. After ending the TV series on an optimistic note, and playing out an epic 3-year story in the comics, Buffy is alone once more.

The penultimate issue saw the ultimate betrayal by Angel, the death of Giles — in a manner that brilliantly recreated the Season 2 murder of his girlfriend, Jenny Calendar — and the end of all magic in this plane of existence. She saved the world, but she sort of broke it in the process.

We pick her up some time later, no better off. She’s waiting tables in San Francisco, contending with the remaining slayers who all want her dead, living on Dawn and Xander’s couch (oh yes, they’re a couple) and the predicable inevitability of being once again single. So why aren’t we more upset?

Because it’s almost impossible to argue with Joss Whedon. Buffy has always been his girl. And if he wants to keep putting her through the wringer, who are we to question him? Especially if it means he’s not done.

The maker concluded the last Season 8 issue with a brief postmortem and a tease of what’s to come from future “Buffy” comics.

“If you’ve read this issue, you’ve got a sense of where we’re heading for Season 9,” he writes. “Back, a bit, to the everyday trials that made Buffy more than a superhero. That made her us.”

Ugh, stupid logic.

ETA on Season 9 is still a big TBD, but we’ll definitely be there when it drops — if only out of our now 13-year-old morbid curiosity to see how much this poor girl can take.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell