bunheads 320 'Bunheads' recap: They Might Be Bunheads…I mean…

…Okay. Okay, here’s what happened on Bunheads, which is a real show that comes on TV. Michelle’s friend Talia showed up with her car, which she drove down from Vegas, for a birthday road trip. However Fanny has vanished in order to force Michelle into teaching the girls and seeing how fun it is. So far, so good.

On the other side, Sasha’s parents are going out of town so she invites the Bunheads to come stay with her for the weekend. They’ll go to a movie — which somehow is actually a carnival? — and then cuddle up with a bunch of snacks produced by Ginny’s gay boyfriend. Still, even with the movie turning into a carnival for no reason, we’re on mostly firm ground.

Except then Talia falls in love with Sparkles, buys everything in the store with Michelle’s last Vegas paycheck, and invites Truly along for their adventure. Which involves going to the movie that is somehow also a carnival, and drinking heavily throughout.

The Bunheads are a little thrown by a big fight between Sasha’s awful mom and gay dad, but eventually make it to the movie. After some complex, fairly cute machinations, they end up sitting together… All except for Boo, who gets to sit with her crush, Melanie’s brother. Did I mention she has one crazy chola eyebrow and that she wipes it off on a random baby? That was actually tremendous.

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